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Your child’s daily routine needs to consist of brushing their teeth each morning and night as well as flossing between each of their teeth and along the gumline one a day. These measures serve to remove bacterial deposits from their mouth before they can lead to problems with gum disease and tooth decay.

It’s worth noting that many adolescents have permanent molars and premolars with deep recesses in the biting surface. These natural pits and fissures in the occlusal tooth enamel can sometimes be hard to clean in their daily brushing efforts.

If plaque and food particles start to accumulate in these deep textures it could cause large cavities in their molars and premolars.

If their routine dental checkup at Cigno Dental Care reveals a problem like this before a cavity develops our dentist might recommend installing dental sealants as a preventive measure. This treatment plan essentially covers the biting surface of the tooth with a clear dental resin that can protect the natural tooth enamel from bacterial invasion for up to ten years!

Once they have been installed onto your child’s molars and premolars, they will still need to brush and floss the teeth. The dental sealants are durable enough to resist any wear posed by a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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