A Mouthguard is Absolutely Necessary

Do you remember being young and going out ride your bike, only to hear your parents ask if you remembered your helmet? It seemed silly at the time, but when you inevitably crashed on your bike (because what kid hasn’t?) you were pretty happy you listened to mom and dad.... Read more »

Easy Practices to Avoid Oral Trauma

Our dental team at Cigno Dental Care is eager to help our patients enjoy lifelong oral health. In addition to encouraging routine oral hygiene habits that lower the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, we also encourage steps to protect your smile from oral trauma. Below we highlight some... Read more »

Dental Checkups: The Benefits You Reap

Are you interested in knowing the benefits of your regular dental checkups? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentist, Dr. Sam Cigno, is happy to tell you all about the ways your dental checkups can help you, your smile and your oral health. The benefits... Read more »

Pregnancy & Oral Health

You and your partner expecting a new bundle of joy. You’re likely feeling the bliss of motherhood and also the hassle of getting everything ready! Dr. Sam Cigno and our team stress the importance of taking the time to care for your dental health during pregnancy. The changes going on... Read more »

The Benefits of Chewing Sugarless Gum

Habits can be good or bad. Whether you believe gum chewing was bad or not, it has been around a long time and is popular. In ancient times, people used tree sap as chewing gum. In modern times, chemists have improved the recipe with elastomers, resins, waxes, and many different... Read more »

Is What Your Drinking Damaging Your Enamel?

Your teeth are made up of three parts: at the center is the pulp, which contains the nerves and the blood vessels that keep your tooth alive. Over that is a layer of dentin which is covered by a layer or enamel, which is the white substance you see when... Read more »

Smile Care 2018

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions! Might we suggest one that doesn’t have to be forgotten by Valentine’s Day: taking better care of your smile! Here are a few things to consider as you evaluate your basic oral hygiene habits. The Right Brush: Choose a soft-bristled brush that reaches all... Read more »

Crowns Will be Used to Treat Your Tooth

Our dentists, Dr. Sam Cigno and Dr. Al-Kassab, use a dental crown made from porcelain to treat a significantly damaged tooth. This might be used to address a cosmetic imperfection, a large area of tooth decay, or a significant dental fracture. Some dental crown restorations are also a part of... Read more »

Why Dental Visits Matter

Many people delay visiting the dentist until they experience a toothache, cavity, loose tooth, or an oral injury. However, the best time to visit the dentist is before any of these situations can occur. Dr. Sam Cigno and Dr. Al-Kassab recommends that you visit the dental office every six months... Read more »

Winter Got You Feeling Under The Weather? Here’s How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Winter is here, and unfortunately, this means cold and flu season is right on its heels.  Here are some tooth care tips for when you’re feeling under the weather. The flu virus can live on your toothbrush for up to 72 hours. While it is unlikely that you will reinfect... Read more »